#MTVG is a Free-to-play-to-Earn, tactical Game built on the Binance Smart Chain BSC blockchain. Players are invited to the fallen Kuzza Empire to find hidden Old Treasures like gems and ancient artifacts. When finding these Treasures players need to defeat enemies so that to be able to take them and earn #MTVG and BNB Coins


#MTVG NFTs increase your ability when playing the game, Example  you can use Sword NFTs as weapon to fight with enemies


Metaverse Box Game #MTVG is the most interesting mission Game in Binance smart Chain with high reward to players when they find old Treasures

MTVG Token

The Native Token in our ecosystem Listed in both DEX & CEX exchanges. User can earn More #MTVG token by staking, playing games and holding


The most profitable staking Pool in Binance Smart Chain where user can earn up to 1000% by staking his/her MTVG tokens & NFTs

NFT market place

The most Fattest, secured and low fee Multichain NFT market place in the world, User will be able to buy and sell NFT in just a single click, coming soon…

Liquidity pool

The most profitable MTVG/BNB and MTVG/BUSD Liquidity pool where users can earn up to 500% in BNB and 1000% in MTVG by providing Liquidity in ourpool

In MTVG Game, The Story begin when A player enter in the Fallen Kuzza Empire and need to find hidden old Treasures which is protected by gods and different ghosts, Will he fight and get Treasures or will he go home? if he decide to fight will he be able to defeat the enemies? Now Let the game begin…

MTVG NFT increase specific ability to the player when He/she fight against anemias in fallen Kuzza Empire, example  defensive ability, attack ability, and etc. Mint your Rare NFT now to be able to play and win huge rewards

Each Mystery Box is the most Valuable Treasure in the fallen Kuzza Empire contains different valuable Treasures items with High rewards, A player will need to fight against enemies to be able to Get Mystery box or other Old Treasures 

The following bellowing bellow is our MTVG Token distribution

January - March
April - May
June - August

MTVG Token will be listed in CoinTiger Exchange on  29 June 2022, stay tune for more exchange Listing updates

CoinTIGER – June  29, 2022

MTVG Gaming is a pioneering gaming company founded by a team of gaming and crypto enthusiasts with years of experience in these fields; passionate about taking the gaming industry to the next level by unleashing the tremendous potential of blockchain upon it.

Anna gribon

Develop Lead